ជំហាន​ដំបូង - របៀបប្រើវគ្គបណ្តុះបណ្តាល IT ក្នុងស្ថានភាពល្អ:

First Step - How to use these IT Training Courses in good conditions :

* I am looking for students to help me to translate training courses in Khmer
   and improve the actual English.
Email in the "Contacts" menu.

- Computer Hardware :
  Processor / CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo (Minimum) - Intel Core I5 (Recommended)
  Memory : 1 GB (Minimum per Windows) - 2/8 GB (Recommended)
                  512Mb (Minimum per Linux) - 1 GB (Recommended)

  Virtualization allowed (CMOS / Bios)
  Hard Disk For Linux Operating System : 5/10GB per Virtual Machine
  Hard Disk For Windows Operating System : 30/40GB per Virtual Machine
- Computer Software :
  Microsoft Windows OS : 7 to 10 / Linux Client OS : Year 2016 Minimum (Update & Upgrade)
  Virtualization products : VMware (Shareware - បង់ប្រាក់) / Virtual Box (Freeware - ឥតគិតថ្លៃ)
- Personal Knowledge
  A basic level in English : I arranged for that English in the training courses to be basic
  Standard Computer Windows knowledge. Will / motivation to learn the use of computer servers
- You have problems with the training courses ?
- You want to talk about a computer topic you like ?
   Register in a few seconds on the forum with an email and a password of your choice.
   Then express yourself ?

In summary, to get started install a virtualization software as Virtual Box and then choose
a Microsoft, Linux or an other training course that you will do in a Virtual Machine.
1) Virtual Machine Process : Virtualization : VMware, Virtual Box ...
2) If you just know Windows / Linux basically start the Training Courses in this order :

    Windows Client / Linux Client / Windows Server / Linux Server / Network Configuration
    Security configuration / Others configuration / Hardware configuration
3) You have chosen the training course - Where do you find the software ? (3 ways)
A) The internet link provides at each training courses (Free / Paid)
Linux products are usually free. Microsoft products are paying but by creating
     a free account on the website you can download the shareware version
     of all their products.
The shareware will limit you in the time : 30 days to 120 days
B) The local Cambodian market (Psar) with these CD / DVD at 2 $ between vegetables and fish
C) Other internet sources
    Google search with different country extension (. ***) or Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Utorrent (Software and after Website File) / Emule (Software only but slow)
    Black Market - With Tor Browser (Check Security configuration)

Pay attention :
To learn or to test a product, you can use the two last choices (B & C). Especially for the poorest people
For a professional use you must pay an original license for all shareware products.
(Association, Organization, Enterprise, Company ...)
Freeware or Open Source products can be used for free in both cases in Cambodia.

My thought :
Why buy a Microsoft Server license when you can do your job with a free product like a Linux Server ?

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