Cent OS 7.4 Desktop Installation & Update

Recommended configuration : Intel Dual Core or better / 2GB Memory / 60GB Hard disk
To do the installation of Cent OS you have to download first the *.iso file.
This download is possible in Cent OS website. It's free and Open Source.
ISO File (Free - Open Source) :
For USB Key creation check Rufus bootable USB Key
To create your hard disk partition before check Gparted Partition creation

Boot your USB Key or CD/DVD. Select "Install CentOS Linux 7" and "Enter".

 Choose your "Language" "English" and click on "Continue".

Here you have to check each part of this dashboard. "Localization" (3), "Software" (2) and "System" (4).

Choose your "Country location" and "Time" after then click on "Done".


Confirm your "Keyboard" and click on "Done".

Select your "Installation Source" (Normally he is auto detected) and click on "Done".

"Software Selection". For a desktop / client computer the best choice is "Gnome Desktop".
"Gnome Applications / Internet Applications / Office Suite / Security Tools" are recommended.

"Installation destination". Select your "Hard Disk" and in "Other Storage Options"
select "I will configure partitioning". After click on "Done".

Choose "+" to create manual partitions.

Select the "Mount Point" "/" for the system and the "Size" in Mb (Mega Byte). Example : 20GB (20480 Mb). 


Select the "Mount Point" "/home" for your data and the "Size" in Mb. Example : 30GB (30720 Mb).
Select the "Mount Point" "/boot" for your boot menu and the "Size" in Mb. Example : 2GB (2048 Mb).

Select the "Mount Point" "swap" for your memory cache and the "Size" in Mb. Example : 8GB (4096 Mb).

After this click on "Done" to create all partitions.

Enable "Kdump" (Kernel crash dumping mechanism) if not yet.
Switch "ON" your network card to give access to Internet at your server.

Put a "Host name" (Computer name) with the extension ".localdomain" except if you have already a domain.

Choose your "Security Policy" "Standard System Security Profile". It's perfect for a standard client computer.

All dashboard configuration are done. Click on "Begin Installation" to start the installation.

The installation start. Select "Root Password" and after "User Creation". 

Put a "Root Password" for your account, confirm it and click on "Done".
Put a "Full name" and "User name" for your user account with a password and click on "Done".
He is important to choice a good password.
The minimum requirement is : 10 characters with 2 numbers and 2 special characters.


Wait around 20 minutes to 1 hour for the installation. This depends of your computer power.
At the end click on the button "Reboot".

You arrive in your "Boot menu". Select "Cent OS Linux" and "Enter".
After your Operating System start and you arrive to the "Initial setup". Select "License Information".

Click on "I accept the license agreement" and "Done".
Select "Network & Hostname" and connect your Ethernet card. Click on "Done".


Select "Finish your configuration".
On the "Login Page"
put your "user account password".

We have already managed "Language & Keyboard" before. Click on "Next" twice.

It's possible to connect here your "Online Account" (Google, Own cloud, Windows Live ...).
Choice one or click on "Skip".
If you choice one of theses products you have to put your
personal information to config it. After click on "Start Using Cent OS Linux".

You are on your "Desktop" and the "Getting Started" windows appears automatically.

Inside the top left menu "Applications" and sub menu "Favorites" select "Terminal".
Type "su" and your "root password".
Type "df -h" to check the hard disk space.
Type "uname -a" to check the kernel version of your system.

Type "nano /etc/centos-release" to check your Operating System Version. "Cent OS Linux release 7.4".

To see all "Update" commands type "yum --help".

Type "yum update" to update the product included in your operating system.
Type "yum upgrade" to upgrade the operating system version.
If you have an error at the moment you do the update type "yum check-update"

   Your CentOS 7.4 Client / Desktop is installed
   and up to date.






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